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It's about great public schools.

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Over 1 million New Yorkers are connected to NYC charter schools. Join the many faces of the charter school movement.


NYC Charter Schools Are Held Accountable

Read the Charter Center’s latest whitepaper on the rigorous chartering process and the many facets of NYC charter school accountability.


Charter School Open House Week

Learn about charter schools in your area. Our Charter School Open House Calendar lets you know when open houses are happening in your neighborhood.


Apply to a Charter School Today!

The Common Online Charter School Application for the 2020-21 school year is now open! With just a few clicks, you can apply to over 200 NYC charter schools.


NYC Charter Students Continue Solid Performance on State Assessments

2018-19 test score data has been released! Check it out.


Lift the Cap!

Lift the cap now! School leaders, parents and teachers call for a NYC charter school cap lift in Albany.


The New York City Charter School Center

helps new charter schools get started, supports existing schools and builds community support so that highly effective schools can flourish.

charter schools in NYC


charter school applicants for 33,000 seats


of charter school students are economically disadvantaged

  • 20 Years of Charters in NY

charter school students in all 5 boroughs

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